Are you looking to serve Coffee in Universities, Colleges & Schools?

We are experts in helping Universities, Colleges and Schools find that perfect and tailored coffee package - Coffee World provide expertise to help maximise sales across campuses and schools.

Why us?

  • We’re proud to support universities, colleges and schools to be more ethical through our Fairtrade & Certified Coffees.
  • Our vibrant range of point of sale materials is a proven and effective way to increase customers and subsequently maximise sales.
  • Great tasting coffee with 100% Arabica beans
  • Maximises sales through expert branding
  • Dedicated support
  • We understand your market

Coffee World is not just a coffee supplier, we responded to the changing needs of our customers and we are committed to advancing the learning and development of catering and hospitality teams. We provide essential coffee advice and information to those working in the sector. 

Which machine is best for my business?

Bulk Brew Coffee Machines

Ideally suited to larger venues, or venues with requirements for large quantities of coffee, our Bulk Brew system provides great quality coffee in the volume you need.

Traditional Espresso Machines

We supply a number of different machines, if you're a coffee shop we will definitely recommend you the finest espresso machines available. Ensuring the Coffee you supply to your customers is the best, cup after cup after cup. Take a look at a few recommendations below or head on over to our Traditional Machine section to see a larger range of machines that would suit your type of business.

Filter Machines

The filter machines we supply will brew coffee within 5-6 minutes, and typically serve up to 144 cups per hour.

We supply many different types to meet your specific needs, our machines are suit for purpose - keeping the coffee at the right temperature for hours without getting stewed.

Coffee Grinders

The grinder is as important as the coffee machine. If your coffee beans are not ground properly, then the coffee will not be as good as it should be. Did you know: ground coffee is only good for a couple of hours. If you want it ‘top quality’ it should be used within half an hour – so only grind what you need! We supply a many different grinders - on demand and electronic. We'll always make the best recommendations for you!

Water Boilers

We supply a few different water boilers, all eco friendly. Either tap or push button, and with adjustable heights. Capacity ranges from 5l to 30l and can be plumbed into the mains water supply.

The Eco Boiler tap provides excellent value for money, is easy to descale and service and made with 95% recyclable material.

Stock & Supplies?

We supply everything from disposables to machinery. Head on over to our essentials to see what we stock and supply. We've got all of the requirements of your business in one place. Anything you need we will have already catered for it. We even help you brand and market your business effectively with our Marketing Support. Read on below to find out even more.

Marketing Support

Our overall goal is to help you increase the number of students drinking your coffee and hot beverages, ultimately maximising sales. We firmly believe that tailored point of sales materials is an effective way to do this.

We recognise that student loyalty needs to be earned. In addition to delicious tasting Coffee with 100% Arabica beans, our vibrant point of sale materials are what you need. Our team will help you tailor what is needed for your particular campus to ensure students enjoy a great coffee tasting experience.

Where should I begin?

Well if your overwhelmed with all the information but are really determined to get started. Just fill in our form below, pop-in for a consultation and we'll cater the right package for your business!