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Wega Polaris

The Polaris EVD has four programmable doses per group and is completely customizable for your espresso needs.  The sleek look of the Polaris is classy and adds a touch of elegance to any coffee operaion.

It comes standard with manual brew buttons for each group, two stainless steel steam wands (auto steamer is optional), and a hot water tap with mixing valve for temperature controlled perfect Americanos. Auto steamer version also has multifunctional alphanumeric display for date/time/temp/softener regeneration alarm/etc. It comes standard with built in, water cooled, adjustable rotary vane pump. Available in 1 (one steam wand), 2, or 3 groups in black only. Chrome package and auto-steamer are available as separate upgrades.


  • E61 Style Thermo-compensated with pre-infusion chamber
  • Hot water tap with mixing valve
  • Manual steam wand
  • Boiler sight glass
  • Manual bypass brew buttons
  • Programmable touchpad
  • Auto Steam and Alphanumeric Display standard on 3GR, option on 2GR
  • Water-cooled adjustable rotary pump

Product Information
Group 1 Compact 2 3
Voltage V 230 230 230 230
Power W 3300 3100 5800 4000
Bioler Lt 5 7 12 17
Width cm 55 55 76 100
Depth cm 57 57 57 57
Height cm 52 52 52 52
Net Weight kg 49 56 64 83
Gross Weight kg 54 61 76 102